Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A quickie catch up

Hi All, I have been really busy with one thing and another and have not had chance to post up anything on my blog.  I hope everyone is well, I see from your blogs that you have all been busy too.  It seems to be a busy time of the year.
This first card is a quick Happy Birthday card.  I love this cute little mouse isn't he just so sweet.
I had a very late sympathy card to send, we didn't hear about the passing until after our holiday.  This is a lovely stampin up image, stampin up papers and card and half pearls.
Next my best buddy Linda had given me a wonderful lighthouse stamp, she knows I adore lighthouses.  I thought it would be perfect for Father's Day - which it was.  All three cards are slightly different.
The final card I made I am not sure if I like the way it has turned out but thought I would show it anyway.  A lovely SU stamp but not sure about the colours.
Meanwhile I am making my second quilt using the disappearing nine patch and plodding on slowly with my Cut thru lighthouse from Bothy threads (cross stitch) as well as keeping up with the garden, weather permitting. 

Hope everyone is well and happy
K xx


  1. Looks as if you have caught up with the cards Karen! Weather has been lovely here today, perfect for gardening! Jill x

  2. Super work going on there and so glad that lighthouse stamps has proved useful already. I will try and remember to stamp out the other image for you soon.

    Looking forward to seeing your next quilt and the progress on your cross stitch.