Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Flooding around Wimborne

My Mum was out and about with her friend yesterday walking and went to one of their usual haunts to get a cup of coffee only to find it was really flooded.  We had horrible weather Friday and Saturday which has caused major flooding in our area.  I thought you might like to see her photos.

This is at a place called Longham, usually this is all fields.

This is the garden of the pub they usually sit in!

Clearly the car park...

Nothing to see but miles of water.

These houses are lucky to escape, we hope the water will go down a bit by the time the next great downpour occurs later in the week.  Thanks to my Mum for the loan of the pictures.
K x


  1. Looks awful Karen! Jill x

  2. wow, like Jill says, that looks awful. I hope it goes down for everyone soon !!