Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A card for my Auntie

It's my Mum and Aunties birthday on Friday (they are identical twins).  I am sending this card today to my Auntie, I will show my Mum's card next week as she does look at my blog sometimes and would hate to ruin the surprise. 

I am still sending Jen a card every Wednesday but forgot to photograph it so can't show it.  I have made a few recently and forgotten to photograph them.  I have to say I am finding my cards a bit stale just recently and could do with some inspiration.  What I should do is go and find some challenges but time isn't on my side at the moment with one thing and another...

I am a block behind on the Craftsy block of the month for July, another Dresden plate to do and have two more blocks to do for August that I haven't even looked at.  My sewing machine lies quiet and sad.

Aren't we doing well in the Olympic games - I have only seen the highlights but I am thrilled for everyone taking part no matter what country they are from.  I was saddened to hear someone apologising for receiving a bronze - WHAT ! the third best person in the world and they apologise.  I think it is an incredible achievement to be at the Games whether you win a medal or not.  What pressure they must put themselves under.

The time is whizzing by, I am waiting for the last week of August when my dear friend Linda and her lovely hubby Ian are coming up for a few days.  I hope the weather improves, it's lashing it down outside, however Linda and I will not be short of amusement even if it rained the entire time as we love all things crafty!

K xxx


  1. Really love the contrast in colours of the patterned papers on this card - makes the flower and ribbon 'pop' - beautiful card.

    Looking forward to our trip to see you at the end of the month - we'll have to engage in a few of those challenges in the evenings. x

  2. Such a pretty card, love the summery colours. Deb xx