Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Beautiful Bunny for Jen this week

A beautiful Lili Bunny for Jen this week, matched beautifully with the gorgeous ribbon from SU and even more gorgeous paper.  I just love how this card looks and how everything ties in together - the beauty of using Stampin up products.

 The anniversary surprise went well, thought my arms were going to drop off when we had about 5 minutes left to paddle, the whole paddle is 4.5km which is a long way when you don't kayak.  We were in a double kayak, me on the front and Phillip on the back.  There were 18 in the group plus our two instructors.

  We went from Lulworth to Durdle, actually kayaked through Durdle Door which was great, in and out of the rocks and in stare hole.  We had a rest and a swim at Durdle and a very welcome water and chocolate break before heading back.  The weather was perfect and it was a really great experience. 

We had a waterproof camera to take snaps but have not yet developed it yet as it's not quite finished.

K xx

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  1. I love this paper as well - you made a very adorable card for Jen - she's going to love it.

    I'm glad the anniversary surprise went well and that you guys had fun. Can't wait to see the pictures from your waterproof camera !!