Wednesday, 15 August 2012

For Jen, week 37 of 48

My truly amazing friend Jen is still plodding on with her treatment.  Do you know she is incredible, I have never known such bravery and such a positive outlook - I am humbled every single day and feel so honoured to have Jen as my friend.  She has taught me so much during her fight and has made me into a better human being. 

Jen is one in a million truly xx

I have counted down every single week with a card and as you will see we are nearly at the last ten weeks - when she first started this seemed an almost impossible target and believe me there have been times where I truly did not believe we would get this far, but every week she has faced the challenges and my goodness there have been some and managed to have her treatment.

So onwards to a big mile stone next week, last week she was 3/4 of the way through and next week will be the last 10!

K x


  1. Wonderful card, love the adorable image.

  2. Well done to Jen for getting through such hard treatment - I am sure your cards each week have provided her with much needed support. x