Sunday, 26 August 2012

Me and triangles do not get on

I really don't like triangles on blocks, this is not because I don't like them personally but my scant quarter inch seam is still a work in progress.

Off to cut up the next lot although I am tired having spent all day painting our Victorian greenhouse then scrubbing and cleaning the inside. We did all the rubbing down and priming and undercoat last Saturday. It's looking great now.



  1. Your triangles look fine to me. Istill really hate that quarter inch seam - most of my seams are not that... hey...look its the back of the work and that is going to have the wadding on it!. Perhaps if you drew the seams with a Quilters Quarter first before sewing that might help. Jill x

  2. These look great to me Karen. Will find out what you mean about them soon enough!

  3. Karen, these look great. I love the fabric.