Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cut thru light house update

We have been away. This weekend in our camper van which did give me an opportunity to sit in the late summer sunshine and do some cross stitch- what a treat, it was beautiful.

Camp site was spotless and Very nice indeed. We ate in the on site restaurant last night which was super and we all enjoyed our weekend away. We decided to make the most of the weather and I am really glad we did as it is on the change now.  We haven't managed many trips away this year due to the rotten weather, not sure if we will be able to get away now before winter.

K x


  1. I use to love cross stitching but never tried anything as intricate as mind wondered too much for such detail lol Great job Karen, share the finished article won't you? xxx

  2. Glad you had a nice weekend away and you've managed to get quite a bit of your lighthouse done while you were away too. x