Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I've finally finished my exams

18 months of extremely hard work for me I have finally finished my exams for both of my courses, the animal antomy and physiology was really hard - blimey it gave me brain ache, the other on holistic animal treatment wasn't quite so bad but so much to remember - but I am finished, should know if I have passed ok in a month or so!  My plan in my head was to get finished before Christmas so have managed it - HURRAY - I would be leaping about if I didn't have such a stiff neck and a headache.

So next on the list finish transposing the Christmas carols so that I can duet them this year at the carol singing with Lottie who plays flute - guess who gets to play the complicated parts (ME !).

I have made the majority of my Christmas cards but caved in and bought a pack just in case - no biggy for me if I have to use them.

Christmas presents are going to be few and far between as all of the kids are having vouchers or money as they are all lucky enough to have everything they could possibly want and quite honestly don't really need the cash either.  There aren't any grown ups to pay for with the exception of my lastest remaining Grandparent, my Nan who usually has large print words searchs.  Sadly with my other Nan passing away there is a super long list of presents to find for her birthday on the 9th December or Xmas.  I took over from my Grandad when he died as he always used to buy her loads of presents which she loved as she was like a big kid.

I am all ready for Phillip's birthday at the end of the month - how impressed are you - including a scrapbook album that I completed a few weekends ago.

So I am feeling pretty smug, I am not putting together my block of the month class quilt as I think it will be a waste of my time and effort as I don't really like seeing them all together. My Lynette Anderson is coming on, I am hand sewing the second block and have made a start on the pieces for the rest of the quilt.

It feels good !

k x

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