Monday, 5 November 2012

Mother In Laws birthday card

It's Mum in Law's birthday on Friday and this is her card.  Do you know over the years I have been making her cards I don't think I have ever had her say what a lovely card it was or indeed anything about my card.  I get all the time, oh you should have seen the words in "X" card or "Y" card and whilst I don't fill mine with words that I don't mean I do spend time thinking about it and making it. 

I bet it will be the same this year !


  1. Unfortunately not everyone always appreciates the thought and work that goes into handmade creations depite the fact there is the personal touch with a handmade card. Some people think words on a mass produced scale mean more, however so many people around the world are receiving the same sentiments - pity those people are so unaware of how impersonal they really are.

    I think your card is beautiful x

  2. Mmm.. Perhaps you should buy her a card next year! Jill x