Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A mixed day

Today has been an up and down day. It has been so mixed with emotion, high and low.

My highs...I have been asked and willingly and enthusiastically accepted speaking to 80 young full time college students in March, four separate groups. I am to talk for half an hour with each group about my business, how we achieve what we do, what part apprentices play and how to approach a company, perform at interviews and how to adapt to working in a company. This is right up my street and I am sure I can help these youngsters. If we loose a member of staff in our company we take an apprentice to give a young person a chance. We have been incredibly successful and I am proud to say our apprentices win awards and all have bee part of skill build competition. We also support the awards with a cup and prize every year. These young adults are our future.

Secondly I spent my Xmas working with another company who needed a huge amount of help with their accounts. I heard from the guy who owns the company today that the Accountant is super impressed with my work and said I am incredibly capable. High praise indeed, I worked my butt off, not for the money but because some one was in trouble I could help.

The lows....and they are very low.... Another, dear friend of ours has throat cancer, tomorrow she faces an operation to find out if the golf ball sized tumour is local or has spread...just all of a sudden, sore throat and lump on side of neck....three weeks ago went to dr, week 10 days later consultant, less than week later operation. We will know more tomorrow.

The two cards, one for sue, we have been tonight for a cup of tea and a hug. Took some flowers and magazines, will drop card tomorrow.

The other card for Rachel, her birthday is on Friday, off for annual spa day on Friday to celebrate.

Take care all. Hugs those you love and count your blessings.

K x x


  1. You will do really well with your talks as you are such a great motivator. High praise indeed from the accountant and no more than you deservere as you certainly did work hard to help someone out.

    So sorry to hear of the bad news - will be thinking of your friend as they have their op and hope for a positive outcome. x

  2. What an inspiring lady you are & another example of what a big heart you have - I'm proud to be able to call you my friend :). Your friends will love their cards, both gorgeous!

    I am sorry to hear about your friend, just awful - I'll keep my fingers crossed that the operation is successful.