Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone

Happy new year to you all.

Well tomorrow we head back to the business.  I haven't had much rest over Christmas, we finished on the Friday before and I finally threw up a tree on the Saturday and spent the next few days preparing for my family coming to stay for Xmas.  Xmas was great, lots of laughs, games and fun despite the rubbish weather, would recomend Cranium if you haven't played it, we also had Taboo, Millionnaire, pictonary and various other delights to keep us all amused.

Xmas lunch was lovely and it was great having them to stay - my sister is a right laugh and we spent a good deal of the time laughing!

There were 6 for Christmas Day and 8 for Boxing Day.  After everyone had gone home I started work and until yesterday at 10.00 and the exception of one afternoon I have not stopped.  I have been doing book work for another company that was trying to say the least, however the first year is finished and I have the sales ledger to do for the second year as spent 10 hours yesterday putting on over 220 purchase invoices for the current year as well as all of the fuel purchases and petty cash.  I had to get year one finished by tomorrow as it needs to go to the Accountant and now up against it to get the 6 months done of the second year by 3rd week of Jan so that we can get the VAT done.  I must be insane I swore I wouldn't be doing anymore extra work but hey ho.  The money from this particular job will be put by for something special, perhaps a new sewing machine... who knows.

So no stitching or quilting for me over the holidays, frustrating.  Today I promised Phillip I would have today off, so we took the dog to the beach, the sun was out and there was hardly a soul but by the time we were leaving it was heaving, everyone desperate to enjoy the sunshine and who can blame them.

We popped in on my Mum who had kindly bought me some new baubles for the tree, ironic really as when we got home we put all the Xmas decorations away and tidied up ready to go back to work tomorrow.  It's nice having it all out but nice when it goes away.

The Sugar Block has started today, Linda and Wynneth and I are taking part and will post our blocks on the last Friday of the month - Jill might you join us? Or indeed anyone else that wants to?  It looks like a nice block, but at the moment not even thought about what material to use.....

Happy New Year everyone

K x


  1. Hi Karen, sounds as if you have been really busy! Happy new year!

    Would love to join you but I have a crazy quilt on the go, as soon as I get back to my quilting lessons next week, I have between 3/5 dragons to couch on my oriental quilt and I am starting an Amish quilt so maybe I haven't got enough hours in the day!!! The craft room is in chaos - check my blog! Jill x

  2. Such a busy end to 2012 - you certainly deserved that trip to the beach!