Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Some bunny to love

This bunny is for my sister Louise. She had her eye on it over Christmas in one of the sewing magazines, she asked me to make it but I made excuses, knowing I would do it for her as a surprise. It was a four scissor project out of five, which means fairly skilled but I did ok and really pleased with her.

My sister took adoption of the bunny yesterday and was really touched.  Not only did she have a new tote bag using my block of the month, but she had the needle roll and the bunny - the bunny last and she was so touched.


  1. So cute and well done on getting so many lovely gifts made for your sister - lucky lady.

  2. Aww, isn't he sweet! Jill x

  3. Love this bunny, it's so sweet. No wonder Louise loved all the amazing handmade pressies you gave her, so much love stitched into them.