Friday, 25 January 2013

The Janome memory craft 8209QC has landed......

Rule number 1..... Do not be frightened to open the box.
Rule number 2....Janome give you a lovely DVD for a reason.
Rule number 3.....Don't panic LOL......

Updates when I finally manage 1,2 and 3

So far have managed to find the accessories, where they go and still amazed at how well it is all designed, there are no less than three storage compartments in the extension table as well as special places for the feet which are labelled and referenced so you know what they are.

I have managed to wind a bobbin and thread machine and even done a few basic stitches.... and this machine are going to be very very good friends..


  1. Oh my Karen - how exciting!!!! That looks very impressive, I'm sure you're going to get along just fine lol My mother is a seamstress, she made all my clothes when I was little - I always kick myself that I didn't learn half the skills she possess. She's always been a housewife but in my eyes my mother is one of the most accomplished women I know :) xxx

  2. Ooh looks scary and exciting - enjoy working with it.

  3. wowhooo it's a wonderful sewing machine a dream for me!! I've an old toyota!


  4. Lucky you! Enjoy it! I can seriously recommend Janome machines as years ago I worked for them as an in store demonstrator. Excellent products and good customer service. The only machines we had returned were usually quickly put right in store as they often were just misused by the customer or had the wrong needle for their fabric. One overlocker was slung at me with a comment that it was rubbish and when I opened it the inners were choked with lycra as the owner had been mass producing dance costumes and never emptied the thing! It went back out in 15 mins, working perfectly after a clear out!]
    Thanks for popping by my blog and becoming a follower!
    Jo x

  5. Your new 'toy' has made me green with envy Karen !!! This looks such a fabulous machine, makes me wonder how long I'll be content with my Toyota Quilt Master !!! Recently I stitched a couple of small things on a pal's (very old) Janome machine and I couldn't believe how different it felt to use. Might have to save up my pennies I think !