Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Second Review on the Janome MC8200QC

I am a month in with my lovely sewing machine and quite honestly I have not looked back.  I am even free motion quilting on it - with normal cotton (not isocord).  I have ordered a spool holder for the rear of the machine as the spool holder on the machine does not hold cones - which I found out when I tried to wind a bobbin with isocord (iscord does not break like cotton and is well recommended for free motion quilting).  Hopefully it will be here in a few days.

The other thing I have found is that the extension table is lovely but it is too high on my desk and my arms are not in the right position - they should be 90 degrees, so have today ordered a gidget II table for my sewing machine which will hopefully solve the problem, the machine sits in a hole and this makes the bed at normal height.

I have stitched in the ditch using my stitch in the ditch foot which was fabulously easy.  The free motion quilting is coming on thanks to the course I am following on Craftsy by Leah Day and I have done a little bit as you can see on my previous post.

Back to the machine I have had no tension problems quilting and speed wise the control is fabulous.  I still go back to the book and check which foot I should use for whatever I am doing and so far so good. I am using the straight stitch plate with the dogs up for FMQ along with a Queen Supreme Slider to go over the feed dogs (again a recommendation from my quilting class).

I have also purchased a binding ruler which should be really useful - from creative grids having seen this on Jenny Doan's quilting quickly class which I was looking at the other night to get some tips on binding my table runner. 

So I wait with patience for my new goodies to arrive.  I did manage to purchase the backing material, the batting and the last bits of fabric at the weekend so I am ready to get back to my Lynette Anderson quilt. 

So in summary, machine is wonderful - LOVE it, any complaints... no, highly recommend it.

I will finish my table runner as soon as, it will probably be 1st of March by then and time for the new sugar block so will get on with that and get it done, don't like last minute and then get on with my quilt.  Have some Mother's Day cards to make which I will do this weekend I think to get them done.

Hope all is well with everyone

k xx


  1. Yeah I'll second all that about the machine! We learnt all about tension in my one day course and I personally would drop the feed dogs for FMQ. I learnt also to take care abut the cottons I use. Now using different cotton! Jill x

  2. They really are superb machines... did I tell you that I used to work for the company?!
    I've got three! One computerised machine for general use, one mega computerised one which does memory card professional embroidery and a super overlocker! Sorted!
    love Jo x

  3. So good to hear how much you love your new machine. I've only tried FMQ once, it was a real mess LOL Must check out that Craftsy class as I do want to learn to do FMQ. I really should learn more about the different threads etc, but I'm afraid I'm a bit impatient and tend to jump in with both feet and only read the manual when I hit a problem ;O/

    I'm such a bad girl !!!!