Sunday, 17 February 2013

The next step....

The rectangular borders are on, now I have to order so plain fabric to go around the part and then I am going to add a final border made up of random nine patches and six and a quarter inch strips. I need to make the quilt bigger as its for our bed. I thought I would try and get either the same background fabric or something similar.

I tried my blocks on to add now but it was way too busy LOL.


Making the little 9 patch squares was so easy on the new machine (I will stop harping on about it one day).  I have worked out how much fabric I will need for the plain border and I think perhaps I might bind it in the same fabric too.  I have also decided to do the back in the same fabric if I can get it. 


  1. Oh Karen this is gorgeous and such a fun quilt to have in your room.

  2. Looking even more gorgeous each time you post a pic ! I'm a tad obsessed by nine-patch blocks myself LOL Love all the colours you've used. I haven't made a bed-sized quilt so far - bit scary !