Thursday, 21 February 2013

Today we Celebrate

My regular visitors will know I have the dearest, sweetest, bravest friend on the planet who has finished her very high dose, year long chemotherapy journey for the second time - well today she got her three month test results back and we have a great big fat ALL CLEAR ! ! ! !   YES, AN ALL CLEAR.

My Jen has never moaned once, stuck with the chemo even though it pushed her to the brink of death several times and we nearly lost her, and has been 100% brave at all times.  I am so proud of all she has achieved and for the last two years her battle with cancer has been the toughest thing you could ever see a human being going through.

There has been many times we have hugged with tears for sad reasons but today we hugged with tears for the right reasons - a real celebration.

Congratulations Jen - she is off on a holiday of a life time tomorrow - booked regardless of results, and it really will be a truly amazing time for her. 

Yes, today life is good, it's bloody darn good.

K xxx


  1. Great news Karen! So pleased for her.

    Yes I am still enjoying the machine. I am having a day at the shop where I bought it on Saturday. It's an induction day. Might be a bit late for that! I've pieced 3 quilts since I bought it. I'll still go, be a nice day out and I am sure I can gain some knowledge! Jill x

  2. That is wonderful news Karen :) xxx

  3. Such wonderful news and I hope she goes from strength to strength. I had a friend around last week and, whilst I have known her a year or two,(and due to mentioning my little grandee had successfully come to the end of her treatment) I only discovered that my friend had been treated over 25 years ago and has never looked back.
    Thinking of you all,
    love Jo x

  4. What wonderful news about Jenny, hoping her holiday is a wonderful and amazing experience.