Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Block number three complete.

This block took a fraction of the time of the last block and I have to say I enjoyed it  - I have removed the photo until the last Friday of the month being the 29th as I forgot in my excitment that I am supposed to wait for Linda and Wynnetth (sorry ladies)

I used up some scraps as I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it so rather than waste some material I really liked I opted for leftovers.

It is slightly smaller than it should be...by a tiny bit

The picture is my new gidget II sewing table which is fabulous, one minor adjustment being made, darling hubby putting some castors on the legs so I can move it around, they have brakes too. This will mean I can butt it up to my existing work desk and it will give me huge space for quilting....picture at some point which will explain all.

K x


  1. Love the block Karen, looks quite a complicated one!

    Had a go a free quilting yesterday, takes concentration doesn't it!! Enjoyed doing it, but I think more practice is needed! Jill x

  2. Wasn't the march block a nice surprise after the february one !! I found mine went together really easy too.

    Love the look of your new table, if only I had the room for something like this. My problem is I do too many different crafts and my papercrafting stash is HUGE and my quilting/fabric stash is also growing at an alarming rate - think I might have to get another house just to house my hobbies at this rate LOL