Tuesday, 23 April 2013

SAL Bothy Thread Cut Thru Lighthouse

Monday night is Bothy Threads Cut Thru night, pop over to Supervisor Debbie's Blog  to see everyones progress.  I am still working on the rays of the lighthouse - yellow, yellow and more yellow.

Mind you having said that because I am only stitching once a week it's not so bad.  I think if I was stitching every night I would have to do be doing something else.  Maybe next week just so you have something different to look at, I might do some back stitch or something.  I have a bit of a bonkers attitude to life generally - order and tidyness so it would be almost unthinkable to do anything other than the current page I am working on.  I have to finish that page before I can move on - I really need to chill out more don't I ! ! !

  Here's a little close up of it!
Happy Bothy Threads Cut Thru SAL everyone !

K x


  1. OH Karen its looking sooo pretty. I know what your talking about as far as stitching more on these projects. But that's why I joined this SAL, I don't feel overwhelmed. you shouldn't either. Love your progress.
    love Annette

  2. Enjoy your SAL - it's funny how we all work in different ways but so long as we enjoy it that's what really counts.

  3. Great progress, Karen! (but who is Stephanie?) I added your pic to the SAL page.


  4. You made great progress. I just want to stitch them all and I will as long as my eye sight holds out.