Tuesday, 2 April 2013

WOYWW The Quilt is finally FINISHED !

I posted this up yesterday but as its WOYWW I thought as I had shown progress of my quilt before it would be nice to show it finally finished . 

 And here it is.... I should have kept a note of the hours but I didn't.  I know it has been going on for months, right from cutting out the original pieces for the blocks and sewing two  by hand and two by machine - wow that seems a long time ago.   There was lots of cutting out of all the squares for the first border and sewing them all together.  Then next the strips, 2 lots of those.  After that the big border and then finally the last border, made up of strips with little blocks of 9 squares that I sewed together.
 Once I had the front together it was a big task to get the backing, wadding and top all together, I had to use a lot of floor space as the quilt is nearly 90" square.  Lots and lots of stitching in the ditch as you can imagine!

I played chicken for ages, trying to pluck up courage to free motion quilt it.  Eventually I started.  The big border is full of wandering clover.  The little squares have diagonal lines across them, the small strip border and the big edge border are stippled.  I went around the outside edge of main feature blocks running a border before going around the shapes to give them definition, finally I stippled each big block.

The last job was trimming the quilt and then making and adding the binding.  I used a machine method and a binding tool which made things a bit quicker but it was still a long job.  You use a 2 1/2" piece of material that you iron in half, put the raw edge up against your quilt on the back side and sew a quarter inch seam.  You do a special little trick on the corners.  Once you have one side done, you turn over and line the other edge (which is your fold) against the stitch line and using a fancy stitch or a zig zag you do the edge (which is the top of your quilt).

This has been a huge task but I am really proud of myself and the results.  Yes, its not perfect but I don't care, I think it looks absolutely smashing and I love it.

Next project - pillow cases and possibly a cushion if I have enough material - something a bit smaller to work with.

My Janome 8200 is a dream and I LOVE it and would not have been able to do this quilt without it.  Also my Gidget II fits perfectly in my L shaped desk space which gave me heaps of working room.

Have I learnt anything - too right I have!

Do I still love quilting YES I DO !


  1. Totally, totally gorgeous Karen - you have done a fantastic job with this quilt and it was certainly worth all those hours - well done.

  2. This is absolutely stunning hun, there is certainly some hours of work involved in this and I love the nature theme - it's just brilliant and you must be really pleased with the end result. Hugs, Claire x

  3. Well done you - trumpets sounding ! I know that feeling when you put in the last stitch on a big quilt ! I do love it but can't face projects that take months nowadays ! The quilt is lush - love the doggy applique ! Thanks for sharing ! Ali #20

  4. what a really beautiful quilt the design is so pretty and the colours are fab you should be very proud of yourself

    Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
    Ria #64

  5. wow! doesn't matter how long it took - you finished it! what a work of art it is. Congratulations!
    Bishopsmate #75

  6. Beautiful. You should feel very pleased with yourself :)

  7. Well this is truly amazing Karen.
    up to your usual perfect standard I am so pleased to see this and enjoy all the pleasure it gave you to do this.
    You are the most incredible woman I know. Your blog should read "Diary of a most incredibly extraordinary girl"
    which is what you are my friend.
    Always thinking of others ...
    Well done my dear friend.
    Love Jenny

  8. Lovely work Karen, it's a great feeling to finish a project.

  9. Beautiful. This projects looks even more special in Pink. Well done. hugs

  10. So pretty - nice to see a Lynette Anderson design in pink!! - but what is a Gidget II???

  11. It looks fantastic! Greetings

  12. Karen, that quilt is massive.
    Thank you for sending it to Lynette to share (that's why I'm here). Well done.

  13. Lovely Karen you should be proud of your quilt

  14. I just love your version of this quilt! Its still on my want to make list and I just may do it in pink. Thanks for sharing!

  15. What a lovely quilt, and sew large. I've only done one this size and now only do bed top sizes so am VERY impressed. I LOVE the colours you've used as they're my favourite. I'm glad you didn't count the hours the quilt took as it would have been frightening I should think.

  16. Beautiful work, greeting from Costa Rica, God bless you.

  17. Hi Kate, thank you for your lovely comments, I am leaving the thank you on here in the hope you may come back as I don't know how else to thank you.


  18. Lovely quilt, I especially like the colours you have used. Just gorgeous. Hugs....

  19. What a lovely job you have done. It is always a great achievment to finish a project regarless of how many months, days and hours it took. That is all forgotten whe you can stand back and admire