Wednesday, 17 April 2013

WOYWW #202

Over at Stamping Ground it's Wednesday again, why don't you pop over to Julia's blog and have a nose at what is on people's workspace this week.

This is mine this week.  I took this photo of my basket of fat quarters - Despite promising myself not to buy any more fabric until it is empty I have ordered another bundle of the same fabric that I used on my quilt so that I can make some cushions - I was going to try and do it out of the scraps but there aren't really enough of them - I used a lady on Ebay called bluenaboo  she has the most lovely fabric whilst she bundles up into groups of 6 or 8, 10, 12.  I have just received my delivery (the very next day) with a note in saying try out our website shop   The fabric is a bit cheaper on there than ebay I notice when I was having a nose.

I also managed to get some more background fabric from Helen's House.  Both of these companies give super service and quick delivery - I would highly recommend both.

So on my desk is my Sugar Block for April which I need to finish by the last Friday of the month, so come back then to see the finished result.  These are the three fabrics, which unfortunately you can't the true colour of as I took the photos with my Ipad - they are a lovely green colour, I only need three but Amy has used plain fabrics for the example and I am not sure how busy it will look if I use something too patterned.

The next photo shows the block that we have to make.  It's paper piecing, the second one so far in this year long course - not best pleased as I don't like paper piecing, I don't find it that easy but practice does make perfect and I am not the kind of person to give up..... so it will be done.
The final photo is of the templates, my rotary cutter and my perforating tool, all ready to go.

Off to have a look at some of other workspaces.  Happy WOYWW
A little update - here is the fabric bundle I purchased through the Ebay lady - obviously you will have seen all these on my quilt, I can't wait to get my teeth into some accessories to go with it.  


  1. Good to see an addiction of a different sort

  2. You have some awesome fat squares there, kinda like us cardmakers with lots of stock
    Bridget #28

  3. Pretty fabrics and looking forward to seeing your block when its finished. love Annette

  4. The patterns for the new project look pretty. Brigita #97

  5. wow - all looks and sounds very interesting. Look forward to seeing the finished block. They are really lovely fabrics too.

  6. wow - all looks and sounds very interesting. Look forward to seeing the finished block. They are really lovely fabrics too.

  7. Gosh you are NOT easy to find on Julia's list without a number as your e-mail says saxo stamper and you list entry is Karen K! Anyway, found you at last. Thanks for the dentistry advice, I really needed that as I am still too scared to even schedule the appointment! Working on it though.
    Just wondered - do you compress your photos before loading them on to your blog? I used to until my DH told me not to as when you click on them you get the bigger version but with yours you don't. Which is a shame as I wanted to see your fabrics closer. I used to sew alot but am mainly a papercrafter now, look forward to siin the finished quilt. Thanks for visiting me already BJ#1

  8. Nice fabric stash there karen - thank for feeding my fabric addiction by giving us the EBay seller you use. Got lots of bundles in my basket already ! Haven't clicked on buy yet though !

    I really enjoyed this months BOM - am starting to see why Amy loves paper piecing so much. Way easier than the last PP Block.


  9. I love fat quarters! the no commitment fabric fun! I have a local fabic store that has a hige bin for 50 cents each, I go to town with them! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #88

  10. I would love to do some quilting some time. It looks so fun! :o)

  11. I admire anyone who can do patchwork!
    Karen #61

  12. I play with paper mostly...but I'm often tempted by fat quarters. I can stiffen fabric and then cut with dies.
    Carole 106

  13. Happy WOYWW.

    I love your sugar swatch, I bet the finished quilt will be gorgeous!

    Cazzy x #87