Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Barney - by Nina Squire

The pastel Artist Nina Squire has just sent me this of my dear little hound Barney - it is exactly him,  she took a photo of him whilst visiting our office one day and then did her pastel from it.  I just had to share it.  We have had two other pastels done of him which we are thrilled to bits with.

 This one was done from a photograph of Barney running in the field - his favourite past time.  It's not quite finished at this stage - she has captured his laughter and joy.
This one was the first one we had done in 2010, she captures his serious side so beautifully as she was taking his photo and he wasn't sure what was going on.

She's truly very very talented and a lovely lady to boot.

If you fancy having a look at Nina's work you can find her at

Nina Squire
07967 736762

Facebook - thepastelartist
Twitter - thepastelartist


  1. Thanks Karen, more information on the website.
    He's been highly admired by all who see his portrait. Thanks.

  2. Oh, Karen, these are beautiful. Nina is extremely talented and she sure did capture Barney to a tee :)