Monday, 10 June 2013

Cut Thru SAL

I haven't much to show this week, but it's more than last week which was nothing,

This week I managed some yellow, only about 100 stitches and a tiny bit of back stitch....

I wonder what everyone else has managed to do.

K x


  1. Great progress Karen.


  2. That's 100 pretty yellow stitches! I added your pic to the SAL page on my blog.

  3. yes 100 pretty stitches indeed. I kept thinking of you and I made myself take out my project and stitched. I was way tired but I did it. Then last week I had some oral surgery again I took out my project and stitched on it. So you see even though I am behind on my commenting and reading blogs - I thought of you:) FYI - Once I picked up and started stitching I didn't want to stop both times. love Annette