Friday, 28 June 2013

Sugar block for June

I was lucky enough to do my block of the month this month with my great friend Linda when she was up in our area on holiday.

We are both a little reluctant to begin with and thought more triangles and squares yawn! and that it wasn't very interesting ....but having got to the end of it we were quite pleased with the results. It wasn't very taxing to be honest, as we have covered a lot of triangles and squares but I liked the end result.

You join a triangle on each side of the patterned corner square to make up a square, cut the other squares in half and sew them together and then join the block - typical 9 patch really.

The spotted pink and aqua is mine and the browns and beiges are Linda's.  I wonder what Wynneth's block looks like this month?

I am also hoping for a bit of a change for the July block which will be coming out on the 1st.

K x

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to get with Linda and quilt :) how fun. These are great. I love seeing your new quilting blocks each month.