Friday, 26 July 2013

Another Sugar Block completed

Here is this months block entitled Lime Sherbet from Amy Gibson's Sugar Block club.  This months block was constructed it two parts.  First we worked on the inner square (which is on the diagonal in the picture).  The blue spotted material and backing fabric were made into flying geese first.  Then two of the flying geese had the pink patterned squares added (one at each end.  The middle back ground fabric as then attached to two of the flying geese and the three strips were then sewn together.

Next we had a pattern to do some paper piecing which made the four triangles - it was fairly simple with only three pieces to put together.  We found the centre piece of the triangle and finger pressed, did the same on one of the sides of the square, pinned and then sewed the seam.  We did the opposite side then the last two sides.
As you know Linda  and Wynneth are also in the same Sugar Block class, hopefully they will be showing their blocks today.  If I were to do it again I would probably change the small square pink block colour as it doesn't show up that much although I do like the effect.  Amy's description indicated they look like ice cream cones/snow cones which I think is quite apt.

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather, I think most of you are as blog world is very quiet - plenty of long dark winter evenings to be in front of the computer so I like the rest of you are out in enjoying the sunshine.

K x

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