Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bothy Threads Cut Thru Monday night SAL.

This week's SAL I confess is not only Monday nights work - I have been doing a fair bit of it as I have set myself a target of the end of September to be finished.  I have several quilting and sewing machine projects lined up for autumn and winter and I want to get this one out of the way before I start anything else.

So first of all I back stitched the page I just finished (which is what I do with all of my projects as I don't like having it all to do at the end).
This brought to life the rain coat, boots etc and also the beach and wave - nice.

The next page got underway and I am working through the next room which is the bottom floor of the light house.  It's a full page of stitches (page number 8 of 9)  I have stitched the clock on the wall, the table, cup, socks, jumper and something in the bottom corner which I can't remember what it is.

Here's a photo of the bottom section so far, you can see the beach and the stash of gold. 

And finally a photo of the project to date. 

You can see how I am working across, once this page is finished and back stitched, I have one more page left which isn't a full page. 

I have to say I am pretty stitch weary at the minute, think perhaps I need an eye test !

I think I'll be having a rest for a few days now.


  1. It's looking fabulous Karen and I am sure you will make your target.

  2. Wow! Such amazing progress, Karen! The raincoat and boots look great! I love all the details in these designs.

  3. This is looking awesome. Love it. Fingers Crossed you will be able to finish it when you would like.

  4. You made some fantastic progress Karen. I really must get this chart.