Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bothy ThreadsCut Thru Monday Night SAL

Debbie our SAL supervisor posts up everyone's progress on the SAL each week and it's well worth having a look. There are so many lovely projects in the Cut Thru range.  As far as I know I am still the only one doing the lighthouse.

This Monday I worked on the sand at the bottom of the picture as well as moving down from the lean to shed.   there are a few little shells and fish bones which will come to light when I back stitch.  The grey and yellow is a gold store, again the back stitch will make this.    I did a little bit to the side of the wood shed and I am not that many stitches away from the next page of stitches.

Below is the whole picture.  I have still not finished the light rays on the right hand side.  When I finish this current page I will go back and finish the rays and do my back stitch before moving on.



  1. Wow you got a lot done this week - it's looking great though. x

  2. Great stitching, Karen! I'm looking forward to seeing all the details in the sand!

  3. wow, this is GREAT !! I can't wait to see the details.

  4. More great progress Karen. Looks like you might be done soon.