Monday, 29 July 2013

Some quick cards

I always find this time of the year difficult to get anything done as I want to be outside all the day and enjoying summer.  Blog world is really quiet so I am guessing folks are on holiday and generally enjoying the long summer evenings and for us in the UK up until recently the weather has been fantastic. 

Yesterday rain came in at tea time, luckily we had just got back in from an hour and 50 minute walk around the lovely hills where I live.  We could see the sky getting darker as we came back down into the village - literally within 2 minutes it was lashing.  We would have been soaked!  We felt very lucky.

So... in the evening I made some much needed men cards - do you know I bought one off a certain internet card site which will remain nameless as I didn't have one in my card box - now that is annoying.   I didn't want to make these cards one bit - I am not that enthused about card making which is a bit worrying, maybe it will come back - maybe I will sell my stuff and give it up!
As you can see from my cards they lack enthusiasm....

Have a good week all.
K xx

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