Thursday, 29 August 2013

From the garden....

Today I have been harvesting the runner beans, courgettes, cooking apples and rhubarb. I made apple and rhubarb crumbles, blanched some of the beans and used the rest with the courgettes I a tomato sauce with some garlic and seasoning to go with pasta. Finally I made a jalfrazi vegetable curry with some beans and courgette together with some mushrooms from the fridge and a few other ingredients.

I also experimented and made some dark chocolate rice crispie cakes which I added glances cherries and sultanas to, My darling husband has eaten half of them, he loves cherries and dark chocolate.

Off out with Keith (our friend with the dementia) and his lovely wife this afternoon, Sue for a walk and ride in the wheelchair for Keith and hopefully a nice cup of tea somewhere. Sadly Keith not doing so well at the moment so hoping this will give them both some light relief.

K x


  1. Wow you have been busy making the most of your home produced goodies.

    Hope you had a nice time with Se and Keith - I am sure it was a welcome outing for Sue.

  2. Wow Karen. When you cook - you cook. Everything looks so yummy.


  3. All the dishes you prepared look beautiful. Congrats on a great harvest:)
    love Annette