Saturday, 14 September 2013

Tumbling block quilt

These next few postings are going to be photo heavy so going to split them up.

So far six hours is the number of hours spent on this quilt.

The first photo is me stitching my jelly rolls strips to my light 3 in fabric. This seemed time consuming and I think I would have preferred to cut my own strips. Jelly roll have pinked edges and I don't find them that easy to line up.

Lots of pressing - against the general rule the seams all face the same way.

The next picture I am cutting the 2.5 inch x 5 inch. I had to take the 60 degree angle off. You can see in the last photo I have lined up the 60 degree angle along the bottom of the strip as far to the right as I can and then cut. As this is two pieces you end up with one cut one side and then the reverse side if you turn it over (mirror image)

I am still working on my quilt as its a wet miserable afternoon so expect another post.

K x

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