Monday, 14 October 2013

A little cutie

Morning All

I had a go with the tumbling blocks quilt yesterday but I am really struggling to sew the pieces together. It's complicated to explain as you would think that if you place the seams together and sew it would be right.  This is not the case as it is on the diagonal which means it over hangs one side or the other. Most frustrating.  To be honest I am kind of tempted to take it no further (unless I can find some answers on the net) and cut the fabric into hexagons and go down a totally different route.  Up until recently this would not have been an option for me as I have an obsession about finishing everything but I am slowly learning that giving something up isn't necessarily a bad thing - it saves you a lot of time and effort and you can spend that time doing something you really want to do.  Who knows what will happen.  It is all boxed up for the moment (you could I suppose call it pending).

This gorgeous little Lili image is so sweet, I decided to cut her out and mount her on some lovely paper from Stampin Up, not my usual style I have to say and I am not sure whether I like the effect or not really.

The ribbon is papermania but goes well with the card colour and the button is Stampin Up.

It's Monday already again, the time is just galloping by and won't be long before the festive season is upon us.  I don't send Christmas cards I give a donation to charity which this year will be the Dorset Air Ambulance so no cards to be stressing over.  The few nieces and nephews who are still young enough to get gifts will be getting money or vouchers (as requested as they have everything and more than they could possibly need - was tempted to buy a goat for Africa and send them a picture of it in an envelope) and other than my partially sighted Nan who always has the same (her request) - large print word search, there isn't anyone else left to get other than the dog, who does love an Xmas gift.  I usually buy him some treats.  Lou is very kindly having my Mum for Xmas as I had a house full last year so I am hoping for a quiet, craft filled festive holiday.

And finally after much rambling, a red flower I crocheted last night, It is my intention with the left over scarf wool to make some flowers for both ends of my scarf.... It's really quite cute me thinks.

Have a great day all.

K x


  1. You've been very busy - lots of nice things to look at and admire. So glad you are learning to let go of some things - it will make your life so much less stressful x

    The crochet flowers on the end of the scarf sound a great idea.

  2. I know how you fell about finishing what you start BUT!!! it's more than fine to decide to change your mind:))) Love your flower for your scarf - super cute. love Annette

  3. Your flower is adorable Karen. Will look great on the scarf.