Sunday, 13 October 2013

Crochet Class

On Saturday Phillip, the dog and I travelled up to my sister Louise's for the day so that I could go to a crochet class with her. We arrived at the class just after 10.00 to discover that there were only Lou and I in attendance which meant we had a lot of one to one tuition.

single crochet
Lou and are both beginners, although Lou is a bit more advanced than me as she did a three hour introductory course with the same tutor a few weeks ago. Barbara the tutor was great and I really did learn loads.

As you know I managed a scarf before class but what i wanted to do was learn how to understand pattern instructions so I could make things.

I had been following a course with Linda Permann on Craftsy which is great and really useful but it's American and they use different terms for things.... that was my first confusion.

I was using some free wool from the front of a magazine which was a bit splitty!
We worked on various things during the day, as you will see from the photos. the patterned blue wool does not show it clearly but those are bobble sitches. We went through all the basic stitches and also I learnt how to read patterns a bit. I was really pleased with my two flowers.

The course was great value at £35 from 10.00 until 3.00 with a break for lunch, it was held at the Maltings at Farnham in Hampshire and I believe Barbara is doing a Christmas crochet course there in a few weeks time. There is an on site restaurant where we had lunch which was lovely and the room was nice and light.
My pattern read crochet flowers.... how chuffed was I

Bobbly stitch, but not really clear on the photo - it would have been easier to see if 1. I had done more and 2. it was one colour
We both had a really great day and I think crochet might be my replacement cross stitch.

K x


  1. A very worthwhile trip - so glad you enjoyed it and hope you get used to the english terms and are able to read those patterns to make lots of nice projects.

  2. Taking classes is the best to learn anything. How wonderful that you got to have more one on one time with the teacher. Your pieces you made are very pretty. Lovely progress:)
    love Annette