Tuesday, 22 October 2013

More test pieces....

I haven't got much to show at the moment as I am currently working on a little sewing project which will be revealed when it is finished.  As you will know from previous postings I finished the flowers and sewed them on to the scarf.  Whilst I was sitting watching a bit of TV on Sunday afternoon I had a little play at some crochet rounds. 

This first one not that successful, it is supposed to have a waved edge (almost scallop really but some of it isn't very good... still it's all good practice as they say.  I am using up some free wool I had from a magazine to practice with.


The second practice round is a bit better - a different pattern but mainly even which is the whole point of doing practice things. 

Louise and I's next project is a cosy bear cowl - a cowl hood with bear ears...  It's from a crochet magazine so I don't think I can actually show you a photo of the picture but will show it when it's finished - don't be holding your breath though as it's a big old thing and will take a while to do.  Between you and I, it's a bit advanced for me but fortunately Lou is well on with it and has already given me some pointers for getting mine started.  I haven't started it yet but will do sometime this week. 
Happy Tuesday !  I am off to have my neck worked on by the physio


  1. Love your crocheting Karen - lovely to see how quickly you are mastering it! The bear cowl project sounds delightful (the sort of thing my Jasmine would love!) - I'm sure it will turn out perfectly :) Good luck at the physio - hope it helps xxx

  2. Practice makes perfect and you are doing a splendid job - can't wait to see your new project.

  3. these are great Karen - I have tried to crochet, but have had no luck with it. Maybe I should give it another go. Hope you are well