Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pillow and duvet for a push chair...

A lady I pass in the mornings pushes a child's buggy - regular as clock work. She is always dressed in pink and she has her hair done in two plats. Every day she takes her buggy and whichever soft toy she has in it to The Weatherspoons in town for toast and tea. She has lots of outfits for the toys and has a wonderful happy outlook, when I admire the outfit she says to me that she gets them at the charity shop. Each of the toys has a name. We have a little chat every day and she talks to Barney, I think she must be about my age.

I wanted to make her a little gift of a duvet and pillow for the pushchair which I will give to her when I see her just before Christmas, I am sure she will love it as its her favourite colour pink!


Having looked at this again last night I think I am going to turn it the other way and make the bigger bit the wider edge so she can tuck it under the bear/monkey etc.... so will have to do some fiddling about.
Happy Birthday to the very lovely Stephanie from Simply Besotted !  It's her birthday today

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  1. You are always so thoughtful Karen and this will make a lovely gift, x