Sunday, 8 December 2013

My new ironing pad

A while ago I gave up the fight with the tumbling blocks quilt, it just wasn't going to plan - so rather than beat myself up for not finishing something I thought I would use it to do other things - which seemed a fair compromise and progress for me as I have a MAJOR obessession about finishing things (am trying to be more laid back)

Since then I have been using up bits of it to make other things, this is my ironing pad. I made it using heat resistant wadding which is thicker than the normal wadding and suitable for hot things.

I know it's a bit flash for ironing sewing projects on but my old one was really worn out and it wasn't really big enough either, especially with the new iron which isn't a patch on the old one to use (don't you just hate that), the most annoying thing it is does is beep when it's been stood for too long - usually right at the point I am doing something complicated.

I quilted around the shapes which I know are a bit random but I wanted something a bit different, then do two rows of black stitching around the main rectangle.  Free motion quilting wasn't going to be easy as it's pretty thick so didn't attempt it. 

Hope everyone is under control for Christmas - it's all getting very jolly around the place isn't it.

k x

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