Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tablecloth and napkins....

We have had a wonderful holiday, and a fabulous Christmas, back to the business tomorrow, during the latter part of the holidays I made a skirt, fully lined which I am really pleased with and finished a new tablecloth, just working my way through the napkins, five down four to go (odd number I know but it was how the material worked out).

The last three days we have been helping our neighbours, we have terrible flooding, not our home but a few in the village, we have been helping move furniture out of harms way, sucking water out, filling and stacking sandbags, finally they closed the road last night, it is a fast flowing river outside.

I am amazed at how many cars think they can ignore the road closed signs. The road is impassible so they have to turn around but feel they should try....also how many people were coming through so fast yesterday creating such a wash into people's home - so sad....

on a positive, the village have come together as we always do in a crisis and have been incredible, standing in a foot of water, all day in the rain yesterday to help others, it was a joy to see.

I hope you are all safe and well

K x

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  1. So glad you have enjoyed your Christmas break and what a lot you have created.

    Sorry to hear about your neighbours suffering with floods - it's good that the village has worked together to help out.

    Hope your first day back at work goes well.