Sunday, 28 September 2014

21 squares done.....19 to go.....

CRIKEY this is a long job.....

These squares all merge into one on my wood floor don't they.  They aren't going too badly if I am honest, thanks to Janet Pray and her instructions on holding the fabric I don't have to pin any of the pieces and they are nesting quite nicely.  

When I have finished sewing up the other 19 (which are still in strips of 4 at the moment) I have to square them all up then cut out the plain fabric squares that go in between (won't be a difficult job) before sewing them all up.

Luna lapin not started yet, need to get rid of all the little piles of 4 square strips as my work room is driving me nuts !

K x

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  1. You've certainly worked hard on it this weekend - looking good x