Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A card for Lynne

My hairdresser who is absolutely lovely has a birthday coming up.  I have made a card for the occasion, it's a lily image and SU card, paper, ribbon and sentiment.  I do love this particular stamp set - as you will have probably noticed.

Run up a few more pairs of strips last night, but was lured away by the thought of an early night. Whilst I got the early night, my dear hound kept me up for a couple of hours scratching himself like mad.  He had managed to make himself sore and it was a vicious circle, lick, scratch, lick scratch.  Put some cream on the sore bit and sat with him whilst it took effect so that he didn't lick it off - always tries to and then put some tick/flea/harvest mite treatment on him in case he was being bitten by something - finally after a cup of tea I fell asleep...... so much for catching up on some sleep from a bad night the night before.

As you can imagine he is fast asleep (and snoring in his basket) under my desk - I meanwhile thanks to a rather strong cup of coffee am bouncing off the walls here at the office !

K x


  1. Poor Barney and poor you - hope you get a better nights sleep tonight. Very pretty cards. x

  2. I hate that for Barney and hope he is better.