Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Luna Lapin

Excited today, ordered a Luna Lapin yesterday, for those that don't know what one is please see here. I saw them in my new Love Sewing Magazine and couldn't resist.  Fabulous service, ordered yesterday and arrived today - can't wait to get started.

Firstly you make your Luna Lapin, then you make the clothes.... I can see this bunny having a whole wardrobe...The kit comes with everything you need including stuffing to make Luna and within the kit there is a dress pattern for her with everything to make the dress.

Whilst ordering I couldn't help but buy the jeans, shirt and waistcoat pattern for Alfie for her (I know bit of a tom boy but we do live in the country)

I then fell in love with the dress and coat for Luna... so had to buy that one too....

Sorry about all the back ground rubbish in the photo - I was so excited to share the photos I didn't notice all the stuff on my desk !

I can't wait to get started - even though I am mid quilt at the moment I am sure I can be brave and work on more than one thing at once!


  1. Have fun with Luna Lapin Karen.


  2. These are adorable. Go on be brave and tackle two projects at once - it's fun x

  3. oh, how cute. Let us see her when you are finished.