Friday, 24 October 2014

Frustrated beyond belief

Girls, you have done some incredible projects on your blogs and I am loving everything, truly but I still can not get to comment.  Does anyone have any suggestions please - I would be so so grateful.  I click the comment tab, the box comes up and then it's empty, nothing, zilch, zero - blank box, can't refresh can't do diddly squit.

The annoying thing is there are some many wonderful wonderful posts that I would like to comment on and I can't. It not only means I can't compliment you on your great work but it makes me out to be lazy, selfish and not worthy of all your lovely comments on my blog!

I will endeavour to try and fix the issue but if anyone knows in the meantime please let me know !

Hand on heart when I fix the darn thing I am coming on over to leave you some love.

Have a great weekend all.  It is my intention to get the jobs done tomorrow and leave Sunday for my sewing room.

K xxx


  1. I wish I knew how to help you Karen. Debbie always helped me.


  2. Not sure why or how to help. Hope you have some fun sewing at the weekend. x

  3. Can't help you but I do know you're not alone although I can't remember whose blogs it was I have read something similar on theirs too.

  4. oh no Karen - I'm so sorry you're having problems and hope you get it resolved soon. Not sure how to resolve :( I hope you had fun with your sewing this weekend.