Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I was reading Linda's blog just now and she is just starting an Xmas jigsaw, it must be the time of year for jigsaws me thinks.  I have just finished this one and boy was it tough, the colours are all very similar.  1000 pieces.

Mum bought it for me a couple of birthdays ago and I hadn't got around to doing it.  Anyway it's finished and back in the box ready to go to Mum who wants to do it now.

I have been working on Luna Lapin's beautiful wool coat which should hopefully not be too much longer before it's finished - will post it up when it's done.

Hope everyone is happy and well

K x


  1. Cute puzzle. Makes me want to start one of my Christmas ones.


  2. Well done on completing your puzzle - I can understand it being a tough one but it was certainly worth all the time. Can't wait to see Luna Lapin's coat which I am sure will keep her very cosy this winter. x