Sunday, 8 February 2015

A few things

I recently purchased a dog coat pattern which has now arrived, looking forward to giving this one a try. Barney loves his new bed and has spent many a happy hour asleep on it. 
I have some fabric at the ready so hopefully won't be long before he gets a new coat. 
My lovely friend Linda sent me a gorgeous gift, thank you my friend, Can't wait to start this project either, Luna will be delighted to get out of her Liberty dress and wool coat and into some night wear.
The boys at work made me a couple of maple clappers - for those who don't know what a clapper is it helps to set dress making seams and will be jolly useful. 
This is my new sleeve pressing board, again the boys at work made it for me, just have to cover it which won't take long. Have bought a standard ironing board cover to cut down. 
Love my new Magnetic pin cushion although I still love my cloth ones. 
And finally picked up this cotton holder for less than a fiver, there are a few reels that won't fit on but not many, so hopefully will make life a bit easier. 

Hasn't it been lovely today, well hopefully it has in your neck of the woods, we have been out with the dog in the sunshine, with tea on the veranda at the golf club, spring really felt around the corner. 

K x 

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  1. You are very welcome dear friend - I hope Luna enjoys sleeping in her new pajamas when you have made them.

    Looking forward to seeing Barney modelling his new coat. x