Sunday, 1 February 2015

New bed for Barney

I decided to make Barney a new bed this weekend, he has taken to sleeping in our end room by the patio doors on a blanket but thought he would appreciate a bed to lay on. I think he finds it a bit hot in the lounge with the wood burner. 

He is one pampered pooch, he has a bed in the kitchen , a bed in the lounge, a bed in our room and now one in the end room. 

I used two new pillows that I bought as stuffing, cheaper than buying proper stuffing, they were in the sale for £2.99 each. I made the mattress using the over locker and some material I had in the cupboard for making toiles. I just overlocked nearly all the way around and then stuffed and finished over locking. 

I put a zip in one end of the cover so I can take the mattress out and wash it as it's likely to get dirty. 

Don't you just love the material for the cover?  Making the box cover was easy enough, the trick is to make sure your sides are exactly the same length as the top/bottom side you are sewing it to. 

Remember to adjust your height on the end with the zip to allow for the seam allowance for the zip. 

Make sure you mark your corners half an inch in and sew to that mark and pivot so you get square corners.  Sew the four sides together first, only to the marker and then pin it to the top and sew, pivoting (lift your needle and presser foot, turn and pick up the other seam, keeping the other seams out of the way).

Remember to unzip your zip a bit so you can get it to turn it right side out!!

K x 

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  1. Barney looks very happy with his new bed and why shouldn't he be pampered - they bring such joy after all. Love the fabric you've used.