Monday, 27 April 2015

hello !

Sorry I have been off the radar recently I seem to have been so busy.  I have made a few cards, just the standard type that I usually make.

I have done a bit of sewing - this weekend I have been running up scarecrow mannequins for the village scarecrow festival (being organised by moi!)  I used an old duvet cover, drew around Phillip and he then drew around me (we need two) and then I adapted the shape accordingly, before cutting it out. Obviously a duvet cover is two sheets so it was really easy.  I then used the over locker to cut and sew the shape out (really quick).  I have begun the stuffing process which I am trying to do with old duvet covers, towels etc rather than straw - less messy whilst doing the dressing bit which will be really good fun.

The festival runs for two weeks and all the details can be found HERE.  I have been so lucky to have very generous friends/neighbours/business associates who are sponsoring £25 each to cover prizes and admin so that the festival is FREE for everyone to enter.  There will be cream teas/cakes etc for sale on the of the Saturdays and the money raised from this will go to our village social fund.  I have asked the local schools/scout groups/playgroups/bowling clubs etc in the hope that they will join in the fun and it certainly should be FUN.

I have just starting walking again - limited to 15 minutes a day - which is neither use nor ornament really.  Dear hubby has been walking my hound and I am missing them and the walks terribly, however I keep reminding myself how lucky I am that it won't be permanent and it could be so much worse!  I have been bike riding (which I am allowed to do as much of as I wish providing I don't stand up on my pedals) but for anyone that knows where we live it is incredibly hilly and difficult riding.  I have a 7.33 mile circuit I am doing of which I am lucky to have a whole 1/2 a mile of down hill, 1 1/2 mile of flat and the rest is hills.  Mysteriously the wind always seems to be in my face and I arrive back red as a beetroot and sweating like no one's business - the saying Horses Sweat, Men Perspire and Ladies glow is RUBBISH - this old bird is straight in the shower when she gets home!
We have a bike in our home gym so I have been riding in there which I find terribly boring but play ten pin bowling or ping pong at the same time on the WII which helps pass the time (this post makes me sound totally nutty).

I have three new additions in the garden, who arrived 3 weeks ago and have been here ever since, 2 mummy pheasants and a daddy pheasant.  Sadly my pheasant named Chicken has gone - 3 years I have had him in the garden.  I am hoping he has gone off with a lady friend but think he has been run over, there was one in the road not far from us but too squashed to see if it was him or not.  They aren't very tame yet but they certainly gather for feeding when we get home.  We have a wren nest in the eaves at the top of the house as well as blue tits nesting everywhere.  Every morning a spotted woodpecker has a good go at the wooden shiplap on the garage, with it being so quiet where we are it sounds like a pneumatic drill!  

K x

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