Thursday, 7 January 2016

And finished in the blue.....

 This one looks great with my coat which is the lighter of the blue colours in the scarf.  I managed to knit most of this at the hairdressers yesterday.... they are so quick to knit up.  So No. 8 done... on with the next.........  I really enjoy doing them.

Unfortunately I have not managed anything else, we finished on time again last night which is three nights running !  (and I've been out and walked every lunch time this week - it's been dry and sunny for the main which is annoying in some respects with the weather being so rotten over Xmas, but it's nice to be walking in the dry), but by the time we had walked, cooked, tidied up and done a few chores it was time for a shower and bed (we aren't late birds).  I didn't even get to read any of the sewing book last night, brain was too tired to take it in.

1 comment:

  1. You're certainly reeling those fisherman's cowls out!

    Good to hear you've been leaving on time and managing to get your lunchtime walk. Today has been a day of dodging showers for Max and myself.