Sunday, 17 January 2016

Embroidery hoop finished, just needs back stitching. Pleased to have it finished, found it a bit tedious but as you know not really enjoying cross stitching.

The oatmeal cowl is done all bar the buttons and dark pink is underway.

I did some to my sewing machine cover too.

Had a long walk in the sun yesterday 7 miles and lunch with family today to celebrate Phillip's dad's 75th birthday.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Village pond flooded with spring water, the sign is usually at least 3ft away from pond edge and sits a good couple of foot out of the ground.


  1. Well done on completing the hoop. It's nice to hear you are getting plenty of crafting done as well as being able to get out for a nice walk.

    Belated birthday wishes to Phillips dad.

    Let's hope there's not too much more rain filling the village pond.

  2. I know you were not enjoying your cross stitch project - but I think it looks great. Also wonderful picture of Pond - love long outdoor walks.