Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year one and all - let us hope for peace in the world (I know it sounds corny but I really do hope for peace - it saddens me so much to see all the hate and destruction when there are already too many natural disasters occurring without men killing fellow men).  So much money is wasted ripping each other to pieces, just think of the money we would have to feed the starving, clothe the needy and fight disease.  I watched all the beautiful fireworks at New Year ( all be it on the news the following day) and all I could think about was the thousands of pounds being wasted for a few minutes of oohs and arhs, flashes and bangs.  I just thought how much the money spent in London would have benefited our own flood victims in the North.  When are we going to wake up to the plight of our planet?  We are killing it with our own greed - raping her of everything she is to fuel our own progression.....

So.... a rather gloomy start but I am determined this year to get back to doing more of what I love. That's not to say I haven't been doing some nice things, I am mid way through a dress I have been making and have made 6 fisherman's wife cowls - in various colours, for family for Christmas and one for myself, I have one more ball of wool left in Charcoal, so will knit that one up too.  The one on show is galaxy which is purple with metallic threads, it's really pretty in real life, just not a good photo I am afraid. (I thought I had better swap the photo as I had a lovely comment admiring my knitting (I took a photo off the www which was of a cream one), this one is actually one I have knit).

What it should look like !
I still have my Bothy Threads sewing room Cross Stitch which comes on holiday with me, I have completed the jar and just doing one of the skeins on thread. I think I might stitch a bit one night a week and see how it grows.

My effort so far....

A lot of our problem is running a business it takes a lot of time, so this year I am determined to get us finishing at 5.00 p.m every night when the men finish (bearing in mind we leave home at 7.15 every morning which I think is plenty long enough), but quite often we are still there are 7.00 in the evening, which is no good for stress levels or health.  This should give us more time to relax.  I am also stopping answering work related email well into the evening.... and weekends.....

Piano and saxophone are featuring heavily on my "I want to do" list this year.  I have a new classical sax book just itching to be worked on and Canon in D for the piano which is one of my most favourite pieces.....

Fitter and leaner also came to mind, although it always does, the Xmas weight needs shedding and I really would like to do that through January but not making any promises on that one!

I can't promise I will be back regularly blogging but I hope to do once a week with some progress.

** Just a quick update - this afternoon I have managed to not only hem the bottom of the dress but also hem the sleeves which has been a massive's almost there...... Just got to top stitch around the neck and do some other tiny bits of tidying up - I may be altering the side seams slightly I didn't want to do it quite yet in case I loose some weight (ha ha) **

Wishing you all fun and crafting bliss.

K x


  1. Happy new yearTo you both and woody love to barney from max. I love the coals you've been making. I hope you manage to find more time to relax this year x

  2. Your wishes for 2016 and the future are the same as mine. It seems so simple to me. Respect each other - and understand what is the most important - your knitting is beautiful

  3. Thank you Melinda - unfortunately the picture was not one of my own fisherman cowls, I have rectified that now... I was being incredibly lazy.

    If only the world would all feel the same as us regarding peace...

    thanks for stopping by.

    Linda - thanks for stopping by too, looking forward very much to your new blog. K x