Tuesday, 5 January 2016


First day back yesterday which was a bit tough getting up again in pitch dark and driving in the dark to work, but when I got to my drop off point with the dog (I walk part of the way to work with him) the sun was just about up and by the time I got to work it was lovely and bright.  Lunch time we got out for half an hour in the sun (I am determined we are going to get a break at lunch time and stop working through - it's not doing us any good at all - New Year new rules!).   It rained over night again but we did manage our evening walk before it started and this morning it was quite bright again.

So to progress......

I have managed to (since the New Year started)

1. Do half an hour of piano practice

2. 20 minutes of Sax practice (before my mouth gave up due to lack of practice!)

3. Read and make notes on a fair bit of the Real Fit for Real People book (sewing)

4. Go in the home gym once ! (need to improve this)

5. Do a sewing repair for Phillip

6. Do about 25 stitches in my cross stitch (cut short as I had to do No. 5 for Phillip last night).

Trumpet fanfare at 5.00 p.m. we packed up and went home ! ! !

So far so good..... long may it last.

The lovely postman has just bought in my buttons for the next lot of Fisherman's Wife Cowl's - the wool is on order, and has been shipped so just waiting for it to arrive.

I am not doing any more dress making for the moment until I have shifted a few pounds - no point making something to alter it so am trying to decide what to make next...

In the meantime, here is a bag I made from a kit during the latter part of last year.

I bought the opening bit, instructions and handles in a kit from HERE and also the fabric from the same website (u-handbags)

I am not going to deny it was hard work - everything that could go wrong went wrong but I finished it and it has been much admired.

I am thinking of making a super cute cover for my sewing machine.... perhaps using some of the patterns from a Lynette Anderson book (or two) that I have....

The jury is still out.

Over the holidays I completed this rather lovely jigsaw painted by a mouth artist.  It was really hard to do as a lot of the pieces were the same shape and could fit anywhere - there were placed where the colours didn't change much either if I am honest.  1000 pieces.  Pleased with it when it was finished, would I do one again, honestly no, I prefer more defined shapes and also fun pictures... cartoons etc, huge admiration for the lady that painted this, she has since died.

Finally - on Sunday we spied some snowdrops, unheard of this early as we live in a frost pocket, but here is the living proof that global warming is alive, kicking and killing the planet !

. Happy Days !

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  1. Well done on getting away from work on time - I hope you are able to keep this up.

    You've been very busy, love the bag. Well done on completing the puzzle.

    What colours of wool did you go for this time?

    We've had snowdrops (very tiny ones) in our garden for a couple of weeks but it is usually milder further down the south west coast so no real surprise for us. Our Camellia and Azalea must be confused as they are also in bloom.