Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Last night I managed to do some back stitch on my cross stitching but forgot to photograph it - I so wanted to document it as I seem to go days without even picking it up.  Funnily enough dear husband commented - oh you are doing cross stitching, what are you stitching... He couldn't remember me showing him the pattern.  I said to him I take it on holiday in the camper van with me to do a bit when we are away and he said he couldn't remember seeing it... that goes to show how little I have done.  I am just back stitching the embroidery hoop.

I also managed to finish cutting on the pattern pieces for my blouse,although I have not done the sewing markings yet, I am hoping to crack on with that tonight or tomorrow.

So a little progress which as Linda Harris would say... every stitch counts!  and it's very true, its a few stitches closer to completion.


  1. I must agree with Linda - it does. You do so many crafty things - it is hard to have time for all of them.

  2. It certainly is. Enjoy working on both your stitching projects. x