Tuesday, 9 February 2016


It's been a busy few days, firstly celebrating my birthday which was just perfect and then celebrating my Inlaws Golden Wedding anniversary.  Whilst it looks like I haven't been up to much in the sewing room me and my wonderfully patient sewing buddy AKA Phillip my husband have been adjusting the Mcalls blouse pattern that goes with my course.

I can't tell you how much we have learnt along the way.   When I started I really was in despair but thanks to my fabulous Craftys course I now know:-

I have a square shoulder and not a sloping one.
I don't have a full back
I do have a full bust
I do need extra room in my sleeves
I do need to lengthen my sleeve slightly

After a lot of adjustments to the pattern and trying on sessions (thank you darling for being so patient and kind with me) we finally have an altered pattern and I have just started pinning it to my fabric.  I have gone for the spotted green and white to start with, I am less fond of this one so if I do hash it up it won't be the end of the world.

The learning curve has been really steep BUT in the future going forward I now know what type of adjustment I am likely to have to do and with practice it will become quicker.

I had a small chuckle to myself when I read on the pattern - construction time 3 hours ! ! ! Oh my word I would say three weeks at this rate.

I have never been a blouse wearer, mainly because if I pick the one that fits over the shoulders etc I have a gape at the front (which I now know is due to a full bust she says a little smuggly),  If I pick the blouse that doesn't gape then it is massive and gives me no shape.

So the next phase is to get the fabric cut out and pinned together for a fitting before sewing...

I chose the full length sleeve option so there will be cuffs to deal with but I did them on another course so hopefully they will be ok and then of course the button holes but my gorgeous sewing machine does most of the hard work with that bit!

Here's a peak at the tea room we went for afternoon tea for my birthday.  It was wonderful.  You approach it down a track and it's a working farm and my heart kind of sunk a little bit, the weather had not been kind and it looked pretty miserable, but boy was I wrong to take that first impression. They were the nicest, friendliest ladies, beautiful china tea service, all set out, lovely sandwiches, gorgeous scone and cake... Linda H. on it's my list when you next come up to see us to take you.....

Want to have a look check out HERE

I would not recommend having afternoon tea twice in one weekend, the sugar high and then low is awful but that's what we ended up doing, tea on Sunday at the Cumberland Hotel  It was lovely to be celebrating all together as a family but the tea wasn't a patch on Abigail's I have to say, but really nice atmosphere.    Storm Imogen was hitting with force, the hotel is right on the East Cliff at Bournemouth - it was difficult to walk back to the car which we had parked on the front....

I hope everyone survived the storm without too much damage


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