Monday, 22 February 2016

The blouse...

Not quite ready to show the blouse but progress is being made!

The darts (all 12 of them) are all in and looking good.  This took quite some time as my happy helper/fitter had to fabric fit me first.  Thankfully due to good tissue fitting there was very little to adjust other than the bust darts which were still a bit high. Sewing them all nicely and tying them off has been done.

I have also done the shoulder seams and side seams.

Next job is to put the facings in.

It is actually a pretty good fit so far, I am a bit nervous about the sleeves as I widened them (properly as I should) as I have big arms, bit like popeye and I just hope they aren't too big.....

No cross stitch achieved as I was in the sewing room all afternoon apart from a small break to walk Barney and then back to it all evening.  It was a good place to leave it last night whilst on a high.

Stiff neck today with too much bending over and concentrating in the same position - bad girl!

Have a good week everyone.

K x


  1. Sounds as if you got a lot accomplished - I am sure your sleeve adjustments will be fine. Hope your neck will soon feel better x

  2. 12 Darts!!!! Oh my goodness.

    Don't forget to get up and stretch. Thanks for sharing your progress